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Drafting Films

The use of drafting films, in the technical drawings application has been prevalent for long. Drafting films are suitable for pen and pencil drawing.

They are durable and have the ability to withstand extensive revisions and changes. Drafting films are dimensionally stable and unaffected by temperature and humidity. So, they feature excellent transparency and flatness. Drafting films are made of a polyester material.

Our drafting films are available in rolls as well as cut sheets for various CAD applications.
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Product List
 Product Description Product Code  Size
Drafting Film 75μm
A polyester base film which is anti-static and has a matte translucent drawing surface to accept ink or lead. Also supports Pen Plotter and drafting papers. Suitable for Ink-Jet equipments. Erases cleanly and provides excellent dimensional stability.
PPC3D75M30CM100Y 30cm x 100y x 3"
PPC3D75M42CM100Y 42cm x 100y x 3"
PPC3D75M45CM100Y 45cm x 100y x 3"
PPC3D75M60CM100Y 60cm x 100y x 3"
PPC3D75M841CM100Y 84.1cm x 100y x 3"
PPC3D75M90CM100Y 90cm x 100y x 3"
PPC3D75MA0S A0 Sheets (84.1cm x 118cm)
PPC3D75MA1S A1 Sheets (59.4cm x 84.1cm)
PPC3D75MA2S A2 Sheets (42.0cm x 59.4cm)
Double Matt Polyester Film 75μm
Milky white polyester laser film with double matt surface. Polyester base film which is anti-static and has a matte translucent drawing surface. Supports Pen Plotter for drafting purpose, suitable for laser printing and provides excellent dimensional stability.
IJDMPY75M24"30M 24" x 30m x 2"
IJDMPY75M36"30M 36" x 30m x 2"
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