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Oce Arizona 318 GL



Oce Arizona 318 GL UV flatbed printer

The Oce Arizona 318 GL flatbed printer is a highly-capable introductory model that offers smaller print producers entrance to the world of award-winning, high-quality UV flatbed printing. It delivers quality printing on the same robust platform as the Oce Arizona 360 GT printer, at a price positioned for light production environments. This attractive price point makes it accessible to print shops and sign makers with lower volume demands, while still delivering all the quality and versatility built into every Oce Arizona Series printer.

An affordable flatbed printer

Sign makers, smaller print providers and reprographers can now get all the quality and versatility of the award-winning Oce Arizona Series UV flatbed printers at an affordable price point. It is ideal for graphics producers that need true flatbed quality and capability but cannot afford a large capital investment.

True flatbed printing

You don’t need to settle for a hybrid printer when you can own the true flatbed capability of an Océ Arizona 318 GL flatbed printer. You can also choose the factory-installed White Ink or add the Roll Media Option for added flexibility and maximum opportunity in producing point-of-sale displays, exhibit graphics, posters, banners, backlit graphics, and nearly any display graphics application your clients can imagine.

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Various optional input and output configurations

As versatile as Oce Arizona 318 GL printer is in its base configuration, several popular options are available to enable even more possibilities.

White Ink Option (factory-installed)

The Oce Arizona 318 GL flatbed printer has an available factory-installed White Ink Option. This popular option, allows users to print any combination of color and white ink in 2 or 3 layers simultaneously, on rigid or flexible media. The high-value application possibilities include backlit images and specialty prints on any non-white media or the printing of almost any flat object imaginable. It even supports Day/Night imaging for prints that are alternatively back or front lit, such as restaurant menu boards. And of course, white can also be printed as a spot color.

Roll Media Option

The Roll Media Option offers new possibilities for all Oce Arizona family UV printers. Supporting flexible media rolls from 90 to 220 cm wide, it features printing on almost any flexible media including banner vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, paper, textiles, backlit films, window cling, canvas and more.

Static Suppression Option

Customers with very dry environments may experience excessive static electricity on hard plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate rigid sheets.  The Static Suppression Upgrade Kit provides the ability to print on sheets with excessive static without compromising image quality, or slowing the printer. 

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The Océ Arizona 318 GL prints with a minimum environmental impact

The Océ Arizona 318 GL printer complies with a long list of health and safety directives and standards covering a range of topics from electric and mechanical safety to electrical and particulate emissions and immunity. These include CE, TÜV (equivalent to UL, CSA and others), Berufsgenossenschaft and more. It also complies with the European RoHS directives for heavy metal content.

The Océ Arizona 318 GL uses UV curable inks that do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) and require only office grade ventilation; reducing the volume of air that must be heated/cooled from the printing environment, resulting in substantial energy savings. The Océ Arizona 318 GL also consumes less than 16 Amps of electricity at 220/240 VAC, which is less than half that of many competitive systems.

Finally the Océ Arizona 318 GL does not require an external source of compressed air, making the operational and energy costs even lower.

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Technical Specifications

Writing technology    
  • Piezoelectric inkjet using Oc VariaDot Imaging Technology

  • One variable dot printhead per color

Ink    UV curable inks in black, cyan, magenta, yellow in 800 ml quick-exchange ink bags (white 1 liter only)
  • True flatbed with vacuum table to hold rigid media or objects stationary
  • True roll-to-roll (with Roll Media Option)
Print Speed & Resolution
Print Speed    
  • Express Mode up to 18.0 m2/hour
  • Production Mode up to 12.2 m2/hour
  • Quality Mode up to 8.4 m2/hour
Resolution    Variable droplet sizes from 6 to 42 picoliters. The result is near-photographic image quality with sharpness only before seen at resolutions of 1,440 dpi or higher. Print perfect text as small as 6 pt.
Rigid media size    125 cm W x 250 cm L x 48 mm T
Rigid media printing width    Edge-to-edge (full bleed)
Roll media size    90 cm to 220 cm wide
Media assortment    Oc provides a complete assortment of roll-based media including self-adhesive vinyl, banner and textiles, as well as various indoor and outdoor paper products.
Media handling    Flatbed and Roll Media Option operate independently; no conversion required between media types.
Image processing and connectivity
Image processing    ONYX PosterShop or ONYX ProductionHouseTM software Oc Edition, version X10 or greater
Connectivity    100/1000BaseT
Operational environment and dimensions
  • 2 x 50 Hz, 200-240 VAC, single phase, 16A

  • 2 x 60 Hz, 208-240 VAC, single phase, 16A

Operating environment    
  • Temperature:  18˚ C to 30˚ C
  • RH:  30% - 70%, non-condensing
  • Printer only:  4.1 m x 2.0 m; 473 kg, uncrated
  • Printer + Roll Media Option:  4.1 m x 2.3 m; 650 kg, uncrated
Oc Service & Support    Oc Service & Support ensures the highest printer uptime enabling our customers to achieve their business goals. Several Oc Service Contract options, tuned to individual customer needs, are available; details are described in the Oc Service & Support for DGS printers brochure.
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Océ VariaDot imaging technology

Océ VariaDot® imaging technology ensures realistic, photo-like image quality. It delivers finer details and smoother gradients in highlight areas, as well as crisp colors in the mid tones, plus incredible density in shadows and areas of solid color. Images look far superior to those printed on a conventional, fixed-droplet, 6-color inkjet printer.



Océ White Ink technology

Océ offers a White Ink Option for the Océ Arizona 480 GT and Océ Arizona 480 XT UV flatbed printers. It enables under-printing for non-white media or objects, over-printing for backlit applications on transparent media and printing white as a spot color. The White Ink Option offers offers print producers the opportunity to sell high-value backlitgraphics, and to create specialty applications on almost any media or object. 



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Media and consumables

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Other members of the Océ Arizona family

Other members of the Océ Arizona 300 Series family

Océ Arizona 360 GT

Océ Arizona 360 XT


Finishing solutions

Océ ProCut digital cutting systems

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Additional software to boost your productivity

ONYX PosterShop X10 Océ Edition (recommended)

ONYX ProductionHouse X10 Océ Edition (optional)

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