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Constant Traction Stepping System (Patented Technology)


When a constant traction stepping system is used, the fabric can be in the floating state with good flatness when being printed. The traction is adjustable, which substantially broadens the fabric adaptability.


Post-Printing Online Drying System (Patented Technology)


The fabric will enter into the drying process immediately after printing procedure to avoid the sticky dirt generated on the fabric when entering into a twitch roller. The drying temperature and wind force could be adjusted to ensure the adaptability of a fabric which is thin or thick.


Real-Time Waste Ink Collecting System


The excessive ink droplets passing through the fabric upon printing would be uniformly collected by the waste ink tank and it is only required to clean the waste ink tank regularly to avoid drainage of waste water. The system can easily handle ultra-thin fabrics.


Real-Time Drying & Heating System

lts two-sided-heating and fully-closed design can meet the requirements of sublimation with full color development, and when it is also used as the drying unit, the energy efficiency can be improved and the electricity consumption can be reduced.


Professional Printing RIP Software


it supports the hyperfine screening technology conducting multi-channel color separating with a unique function of multiple duplicating, which can fully respond to the requirements of various patterns by the digital printing.


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Technical Specifications

Printing technology
Model    GRANADA 3200
Nozzle    The Fifth Generation Micro Piezo lnkjet Print head
Quantity of nozzles    180 Nozzles X 8 rows X 2 units (2880 Nozzles)
Printing accuracy (maximum)    1440dpi
Ink dot size    Minimum 3,5 pl, maximum 21 pl 
Color    Dual four colors
Printing accuracy speed     360X1080dpi    57m2:/hr 
 720X720dpi      35m2/hr
 720X1080dpi    28m2/hr
Printing width    3200mm
Printing media
Width    The maximum material width is 3300 mm
Thickness    Depending on the material requirements
Type    Cotton,linen,silk,wool,polyester and blends,polyamide,acrylic,artificial cotton etc
Maximum reel diameter    350mm
Maximum material weight    120kg
Ink-supply System
Ink    Disperse Dye Sublimation ink, Reactive ink, Pigment ink
Ink-supply mode    Continuous ink supply system(ClSS)
Ink cartridge capacity    2000ml
Ink color    C, M, Y, K
Heating system
Sublimation Heater    
Interface and power
Interface    High-speed USB 2.0 interface
Power source    Printer : Single phase 230V10% 50/60HZ (110V is optional)
Power source    Sublimation Heater : Three-phase 380V
System software
Power    Printer: 2.5KW; Sublimation Heater: 7.8KW; Smoke filter: 0.75KW
RIP software    PHOTOPRINT Textile Version, ONYX Textile Version
Control Software    Print Manager
Control System    Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Operating environment
Temperature    150 C 300 C
Humidity    40% ~ 80%
Machine size
Printer: 4370mm (L) 1300mm (W) 1540mm (H)    
Machine net weight
Printer: 442kg; Sublimation Heater: 500kg; Smoke filter: 180kg    
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Media and consumables

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