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Oc CS193



Color printing and more

The multifunctional Oc CS193 is an appropriate printer, copier, scanner and fax for your office, giving your documents a professional touch in both black & white and color. Choose the machine that best fits your office needs and say goodbye to outsourcing your print work. Your office staff and IT department will readily accept the Oc CS193, thanks to its compact and user friendly design, reliability and innovative new technologies that reduce noise levels and energy consumption.

Benefit from state-of-the-art features

  • Compact and user friendly design
  • Low energy consumption and fast warm-up time
  • Printing at 35 ppm in color and black & white
  • Impressive scanning at 70 ipm for archiving
  • User box functionality for printing, scanning and faxing
  • Scalable finishing options
  • Optional fax
  • Optional Fiery controller

Support your office communications with the next generation multifunctional

The new Oc CS193 is the fastest of three models of a full range of new Color System (CS)devices that were designed and created with the needs and requirements of the modern office in mind. The Oc CS193 supports all your typical office communication-presentations, charts, financial reports, brochures, etc-and gives the resulting documents a professional edge.
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The Oc CS193 offers a flexible solution for every specific need

The Oc CS193 comes with a wide array of options to fit perfectly with your individual wishes. You can choose from the following possibilities: 

Paper input (standard 2 x 500 sheets)

  • 2 x 500 sheets
  • 1 x 2,500 sheets
  • 1 x copy desk for storage purposes
  • Banner paper input tray


  • Output tray for sorted output in two trays
  • Embedded finisher, for sorting, grouping, offset stacking, stapling
  • Punch kit, for 4 hole punching
  • Saddle kit, for crease folding and 2-point center stapling
  • Mail bin kit with four addressable output bins
  • Booklet finisher, for A4 and A5 booklet printing of up to 20 pages with 2-point center stapling

Security features

  • Security chip for hard disc encryption
  • Biometric authentication kit  for  finger vein identification
  • IC card identification for authentication via chip card


  • Fax kit
  • Dual fax kit


  • Scan accelerator to facilitate printing of documents scanned to user box
  • Scan to USB


  • Print  from USB
  • Optional Fiery controller
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A clear focus

Environmental sustainability has been a defining philosophy at Oc for more than 50 years, and the company remains committed to reducing ozone, dust and toner emissions and minimizing waste, as well as to improving working conditions for operators. The Oc CS193 is one of the most recent examples of sustainable Oc products.

An environment friendly design

  • Low power consumption (well below EPA Energy Star requirements)
  • Low toner usage through toner-save mode
  • More durable parts
  • Smart design that prevents unnecessary wear and tear in black & white mode
  • Compliance with Blue Angel
  • Low sound emission that isless harmful to immediate environment
  • One quarter reduction in emission of harmful substances during toner production
  • Plastic parts used in exterior can be made from recyclable plastics
  • User box that reduces hard copies by 15%
  • Standard duplex printing that reduces paper use
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Media and consumables

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