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Oc Repro Desk Professional



Oc Repro Desk Professional print production software

Oc Repro Desk Professional print production software allows job printers and reprographers to increase profitability by reducing operating expenses. This print production software allows you to complete large format digital printing orders more efficiently and on time, using your existing digital printing resources.

Print production software streamlines large format digital printing

  • Central queue management for incoming digital print orders, including integrated job preparation, with support for most monochrome and color file formats
  • Load balancing of all orders across multiple devices based on media, image size, device availability or output speed
  • Independent monochrome and color scanning without interrupting print production
  • Archive of all print-ready documents by customer, project or when printed lets you quickly find and reprint any order at any time

Put digital printing on your customers desktops

You can become your customers online print button by providing them with Oc Client Tools print submission software. Once you have received their digital print orders and entered them into the print production software, those orders are ready to print with a minimum of effort. Complex orders can be distributed to the print manager, with automatic splitting and load balancing to optimize printer utilization, reduce print time and allow reprographers to produce more orders.

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Technical Specifications

Description    High-end print production software that enables job printers and reprographers to manage their large format digital printing equipment
Main functionalities    
  • Print production software for high-demand reprographers
  • Centralized order management
  • Transfer jobs between locations
  • Connect multiple color and B&W printers, wide format and small format, including the Oc ColorWave 600
  • Control multiple scanners using one application
  • View all incoming and pending jobs at one glance
  • Free downloadable tools for your customers for job submission via the internet
  • Customers create pre-proofed jobs directly from AutoCAD and Microsoft Windows applications
  • The print ready viewer helps your customers to reduce chances on errors before submitting the job
  • Drag & drop orders and document sets to any of your printers
  • Print ready file viewer eliminates mistakes before printing
  • Load balance large/urgent jobs across multiple printers
  • Easy job submission over the internet
  • Transfer jobs to other locations easily
  • Easy document storage, retrieval and reprinting
  • Unlimited number of operator consoles
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Media and consumables

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